Tips for a safe journey

Whether you are heading home from work or going out into town with some friends, we want your journey to be as safe as possible. We have compiled a list of tips we believe will maximise your safety during your next ride:

  • Wear your seatbelt as soon as you get in – respect your safety, the driver’s licence and their source of income. It’s a simple thing that we all do everyday but can be easily forgotten when you’ve been out on the beers.
  • Don’t try to engage the driver in personal conversations or conversations relating to politics, religion, race or other topics which might cause disagreements or offence to be taken. Try to keep the conversation neutral and simple.
  • Don’t take food or drinks into the ride – make sure you’ve finished eating and drinking before requesting the ride. It can make the car messy and leave crumbs or odours that could impact the experience of the next rider. Please be considerate.
  • Handle your own luggage where possible. The driver will help you if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t try and pile in as many mates as you can to get home in one car. The absolute maximum passenger number in a sedan is 4 persons – the driver will refuse to start the trip if you violate this rule.
  • It’s fine to be happy and over-enthusiastic, but when you get into the car, try and tone it down a bit because our drivers need to concentrate on the road and on getting you home safely. Please don’t put the windows down and shout your enthusiasm to the world. Whilst the world may appreciate it, the police do not and neither do our drivers.
  • If you’ve had a big night and you’re feeling sick afterwards, don’t order the Ola just yet. Get whatever you need to get out of you and then call for the Ola. Too often this can cause issues during a ride and make situations (and car interiors) messy. Let’s respect the driver’s vehicle.
  • Don’t get handsy and overly friendly with the drivers because while it might only be a friendly gesture from you, it can sometimes get lost in translation and create a situation where the driver may need to end the trip early, or worse, get the police involved.
  • Try not to be a backseat driver – we know you know the area too but the drivers also know where they are going and follow the quickest GPS directions from the app. Unnecessary turns may cause delays and increases in fares.
  • Use the Emergency SOS button in your customer app and make sure you call emergency services if you feel threatened in any way at all.
  • Remember you can always report bad drivers to us for further investigation. Drivers should always treat you with respect and not try to take advantage of you or a situation.