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The safe way to travel.

Introducing Ola Pro

Together as Australians we continue our fight against COVID-19. At Ola we have been working hard to make sure we rapidly innovate our service to respond to the needs of our community and our drivers.

To achieve this we would like to announce the launch of our brand new car category we’ve named Ola Pro. This new service will go above and beyond recommended car hygiene requirements setting a new benchmark for rideshare car cleanliness across Australia. We are starting with a trial in Sydney and have plans to expand across the country.

On top of our already high cleanliness standards our Ola Pro cars feature 5 additional layers of hygiene for your rides.

Here’s why you should ride with Ola Pro

  • A hygiene screen to protect you and your driver

  • Cars are professionally cleaned once a week

  • Specially trained drivers on car hygiene

  • Surfaces cleaned before and after every ride

  • In-car sanitisation kit

Terms & conditions

The full terms and conditions for riding with Ola Pro can be found below.

Service area

You'll be able to book rides within the service area pictured. Plus, our Ola Pro drivers can drop you at your destination even if it’s outside of the service area. As this is a trial, you may find that wait times are a little higher than usual, these will reduce as we expand our service.