Managing Fatigue

Safety priority

Safety is the first priority for drivers and customers. Ola has a strict policy on the management of driver fatigue and require all drivers to comply with this policy by taking appropriate breaks and rests at regular periods.

Fatigue is one of the primary causes of road-related accidents and a failure on the part of drivers to ensure that drivers have adequate rest, puts not only the driver’s safety at risk but that of our customers and the public.

Fatigue Management Guidelines

Ola requires that drivers take a break of at least 30 minutes after 5 hours of driving or any other work-related activity. 

To ensure fatigue is managed for the safety of you and your riders, a continuous break of at least 8 hours (as well as the required half-hour rest breaks) must be taken where a maximum of 13 hours of driving and/or work-related activity has been completed.

Work time must not exceed 70 hours in a cumulative work period, and then drivers must take a rest time off the app for at least 24 hours. 

Please note: when a driver is logged in and online on the Driver App, this is considered driving and / or a work related activity.

Secondary Employment

Ola recognises that drivers may have other forms of employment that will contribute to the total hours worked each day by a driver in addition to driving for Ola. 

Ola recommends that all work-related duties must be factored into a driver’s working day when adhering to this policy.

Fatigue Assessment Checklist

In addition to our requirements above, Ola requires all drivers to review this checklist prior to logging on the Ola platform each time to assess the driver’s fitness to provide transport services to our customers.

18 September 2019