Driver delivery of goods, alcohol and parcels policy

New Services offered by Ola ANZ

Update [August 2020]: Ola is currently not offering Delivery services to our Riders. All trips made on Ola must have an adult passenger on the trip in accordance with our Customer Terms & Conditions.

Ola ANZ will expand its existing services to include the delivery of goods, alcohol and parcels to seek to ensure the financial viability of Drivers currently utilising the Ola ANZ ride sharing platform. 

The delivery services provided are in accordance with the latest Driver Agreement.


This Policy outlines the standards and hygiene practices to be applied by Ola Drivers when undertaking delivery of foods (hot and cold foods, and groceries), alcohol (Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines) and goods (parcel delivery).

Application of Policy

This Policy applies to:

  1. All registered Ola Drivers within Australia and New Zealand.
  2. Any interactions between Ola Drivers and Ola’s Customers, at the point of pick up or delivery using minimal contact delivery practices.
  3. Driver’s obligations to adhere to the RSA guidelines in particular, to ensure delivery is not fulfilled in circumstances where the buyer appears to be under the age of 25 and/or is intoxicated.
  4. Driver’s obligations to maintain exceptional handling of all goods utilising the government directed practices including: appropriate hygiene and safety practices particularly when delivering food and alcohol; maintaining social distancing practices and other COVID-19 related practices; and ensuring that applicable food handling guidelines are adhered to.

Ola’s Customers may be any one of the following:

  1. A seller or vendor who utilises the Ola platform for delivery of goods, alcohol or parcels.
  2. Any individual who makes a booking request through the Ola platform for delivery of goods, alcohol or parcels.
  3. The recipient of the items delivered.

COVID-19 specific requirement

Ola ANZ is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of Drivers and Ola’s Customers by maintaining contact free delivery services when delivering goods, alcohol or parcels.

1. Ola ANZ

While Drivers utilise the Ola platform, Drivers must at all times, continue to represent Ola ANZ to the highest standards required and adhere to company policies and applicable laws.

2. Ola Driver onboarding requirements

Driver Requirements

All Drivers must be eligible to work within Australia and/or New Zealand to utilise the Ola platform for the delivery service. Drivers must be registered as a business and will need to provide a valid ABN number.

While existing onboarding requirements and document verification continue to apply, the onboarding  process for the introduction of delivery of goods, food, alcohol and parcels may require additional processes for completion by the Ola Driver.

All sellers are required to ensure that their goods, food, alcohol and parcels are packaged in a manner to:

  • Prevent injury to the Driver handling the parcel
  • Prevent spillages, breakages or contents escaping
  • Prevent damage to vehicles during transit
  • Prevent contents of parcel from loss or damage from multiple handling during pick up and delivery
  • Protect the contents from the effects of climate, including changes in temperature.

Drivers have a similar responsibility to ensure reasonable care when delivering goods, food, alcohol and parcels to Ola’s Customers.

Delivery of food 

Drivers may be requested to provide food delivery services across a select number of States and Territories within Australia and New Zealand in accordance with Ola’s Driver Agreement AU or Driver Agreement NZ. 

Standards (Australia and New Zealand)

Drivers will be required to adhere to the highest standards as to food handling and in their delivery practices. In particular Drivers must:

  • Abide by the applicable Food Standards Code:
  • Use personally sourced temperature controlled storage bags. 
  • Ensure Driver vehicles and temperature controlled bags are cleaned and in a clean condition.
  • Replace their temperature controlled bags if they are dirty, torn or otherwise unable to be used. 
  • Ensure the quickest route from pick up to delivery, as presented on the Ola Driver App.
  • Deliver all Food within 30 minutes from pick up.
  • In the delivery of perishable Foods (such as fish, fruit, milk and all seafood), these Foods kept cool during transport.  Where possible, Drivers must avoid placing Food in direct sunlight. Hot foods (such as takeaway food and certain grocery items) must be kept hot.
  • Maintain minimal contact with food and beverages by ensuring the seller appropriately packages the delivery.
  • Maintain an appropriate distance when delivering the Food by placing the delivery on a place advised by the recipient of the delivery (for example, on the ground by the door).
  • Not leave food unattended at the time of delivery unless arrangements have been made with the receiver.  The receiver must be advised that the safety of the food cannot be guaranteed if it has been left unattended.

Delivery of alcohol

Drivers may be requested to provide alcohol delivery services across a select number of States and Territories within Australia and New Zealand in accordance with Ola’s Driver Agreement AU or Driver Agreement NZ. 

Delivery of alcohol may only be requested from any seller that is licensed to offer off-premise alcohol delivery services.

Drivers can only deliver alcohol supplied by the seller, if the seller holds an ‘Off premise licence’. This type of licence applies to an online delivery class. Packaged liquor licenses are permitted to sell alcohol through home delivery via internet sales, mail order or through a bottle shop or takeaway alcohol stores.

Drivers are required to sight a copy of the seller’s Licence number to ensure the seller is appropriately licenced before accepting pick up of the alcohol packages. The Driver may do so by any of the following means:

  1. Request the seller provide the Licence number to the Driver and the driver records a copy of the Licence number.
  2. The Driver requests the seller identify where the Licence number is publicly displayed for the purpose of obtaining an image of the Licence number.
  3. The Driver obtains a copy of the seller’s business card with the Licence number recorded.
  4. The Driver conducts a search of the seller’s website for a copy of the seller’s Licence number.

The Driver is only required to record the Licence number, the first time the Driver accepts a delivery from the seller.

Australian Standards

All Australian Ola Drivers will be required to adhere to a collective set of RSA guidelines as outlined below.

New Zealand Standards

All New Zealand Ola Drivers are not required to hold an equivalent RSA certification to conduct deliveries of alcohol. Much like the standard of Australia, Ola NZ Drivers are legally required to ensure only persons over the age of 18 years are able to sign and receive a delivery of alcohol.

Where the intended recipient appears to be under the age of 25 years, the Driver is obligated to sight the recipient’s valid ID. If the recipient is unable to produce a valid ID or produces a fake ID, the Driver is required to stop the delivery fulfillment and return the alcohol to the seller.

Cross jurisdictional RSA Guidelines – Delivery 

At all times, all Ola Drivers engaged in the delivery of alcohol must strictly adhere to the obligations outlined below.

The Ola Driver must have, from the seller or Customer, written instructions (via the app) as to the identity of the recipient of the alcohol to be delivered.

Under no circumstances is the Driver to deliver alcohol to a minor, an intoxicated person or leave alcohol unattended. Drivers must:

  • Not deliver alcohol to anyone that appears intoxicated.
  • Not deliver alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years.
  • Not deliver alcohol to any premises which is unattended.
  • Not deliver alcohol if the recipient of the delivery cannot be verified.
  • Not deliver alcohol without a valid photo ID if the recipient looks under 25 years of age:
    • Drivers must, at the point of delivery, ask to sight or obtain valid identification from anyone appearing under the age of 25; 
    • Valid identification includes:
      • Australian or NZ Driver’s Licence or International equivalent
      • Australian Learner Permit
      • Proof of Age Card
      • Passport
      • Photo Card

If any of the circumstances above are identified, the Driver must return the alcohol to the seller. If the Driver determines that the delivery cannot be fulfilled, the Driver may receive compensation by way of a minimal restocking fee for their time to be charged to the seller.

Driver Assessment  – Assess intoxication levels of customers

Where the Driver forms the view that the recipient of the delivery appears to be intoxicated, the Driver is to conduct an assessment as outlined below.

The Driver will be responsible for undertaking an assessment at all points of delivery to assess intoxication levels using their common sense, intuition and life experience. While the process may be  subjective, there are a number of methods Drivers can adopt to form the assessment.

Ola ANZ adopts the Intoxication Guidelines of the NSW Justice Department


In summary, if the recipient of the alcohol delivery:

  • Appears under the age of 18 years
  • Appears intoxicated
  • Has left the premises unattended
  • Cannot produce identification
  • Produces fake identification

The Driver must refuse to leave the alcohol and is required by law to return the alcohol to the sender.

Both the seller and the Driver can be held responsible for any breaches in legislation and may face considerable fines if they do not comply with the RSA guidelines listed above.

Delivery of Goods

Driver impersonation

The documents provided will also ensure that only Drivers vetted by Ola ANZ are eligible to undertake delivery services utilising the Ola platform. Approved Drivers are prohibited from allowing an unvetted Driver from using or sharing their account to perform services while representing Ola ANZ. 

An unvetted driver has not met the criteria set by Ola ANZ to accept a booking or carry out a booking by using an Ola Driver’s account. The risk means that the unvetted driver is engaging in fraudulent behaviour by misrepresenting themselves in this manner: see Driver impersonation policy.

Driver sticker requirements

Drivers are required to display their Ola issued stickers as is the current practice. 

While it is mandatory that each vehicle display stickers when a Driver is engaging in rideshare services, the requirements vary across Australia and New Zealand depending on the particular jurisdiction: see Order Your Ola Car Sticker.


Drivers selected to commence delivery of parcels must adopt consistently safe practices to ensure their safety and the safety of others during the trip. This includes Drivers:

Training Requirements and Hygiene Practices 

Safe Work Australia  produced generic information as to hygiene and vehicle disinfectant practices, with links to the NSW and VIC issued advice for rideshare services: Taxi and rideshare services: Minimising the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

The NSW Point to Point Commission released a video tutorial for rideshare services, to educate drivers on personal hygiene and vehicle disinfectant practices.

Most jurisdictions produced similar advice as follows:

State / Territory Regulator COVID-19 Hygiene and Informative Releases
NSW Point to Point Transport Commission P2P Tutorial – hygiene and vehicle disinfectant .
VIC Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria Coronavirus disease (COVID-19
Reduce the risk
ACT Access Canberra Home – COVID-19
Transport – COVID-19
QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads COVID-19 transport and motoring customer service updates | Transport and motor
Queensland border restrictions – business and industry fact sheet
SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure COVID-19 – Dashboard – COVID-19 Virus Outbreak in South Australia
COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions
WA Department of Transport COVID-19 coronavirus: Travel and transport advice
COVID-19: Updates for DoT customers
NT NT.GOV.AU Public transport | Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Driving a commercial passenger vehicle
TAS Department of State Growth Protecting yourself from coronavirus
Hand Washing Procedure
Taxi, hire vehicle and ride sourcing
NZ NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) Operating/Driving a commercial vehicle (eg truck, bus, taxi, app-based passenger service)
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) services update


Ola ANZ will regularly update its existing policies and tutorials on the Ola ANZ website when required.

Items that cannot be delivered

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are substances or articles that pose an immediate or potential hazard to people, environment or property such as flammable liquids. A specific licence is required to transport such goods.

Dangerous goods are classified under the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADG Code) – see Dangerous goods class labels and the United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA), SafeWork NSW and the Independent Transport and Safety Regulator are the lead agencies that regulate the ADG Code. Under no circumstances are Ola ANZ Drivers permitted to transport such goods. Any request to do so, will be immediately reported to the Police and the applicable State or Territory point to point regulator.

Flammable liquids is the most relevant to the alcohol delivery service. While an alcoholic beverage is technically classified as a Class 3 flammable liquid, a Driver is permitted to transport by road, certain quantities of dangerous goods without a requirement to hold a dangerous goods driver or vehicle licence.

Even with smaller quantities of dangerous goods, it is still an essential requirement that packages such as alcohol, is transported in an enclosed space such as the boot of a car, is loaded and secured safely, is segregated during transport and safely unloaded at the point of delivery.

3. Rights and responsibilities

  1. All Drivers representing Ola ANZ must:
    1. Understand and comply with this Policy.
    2. Ensure they do not engage in any unlawful conduct toward customers, other drivers, Ola employees or others during their representation of Ola.
    3. Ensure they do not aid, abet or encourage other persons to engage in unlawful conduct.
    4. Make a report to the Driver Care Team if they experience any unlawful conduct.
  2. Drivers should be aware that they can be held legally responsible for their unlawful conduct.

4. Breach of this Policy

  1. All Drivers are required to comply with this Policy at all times. If a Driver breaches this Policy, they may be subject to penalty including temporary or permanent removal from the Ola app. In serious cases, Ola may report the matter to the appropriate governing body including the Police.
  2. If a Driver makes an unfounded complaint, vexatious or a false complaint in bad faith (e.g. making up a complaint to get someone else in trouble or making a complaint where there is no foundation for the complaint), that Driver may be temporarily or permanently removed from the Ola app.

5. Variations

Ola ANZ reserves the right to vary, replace or terminate this Policy from time to time.

Further information

If you have any questions or comments regarding anything in this document or if you require further information, you can email us at