Driver Community Rules

Ola is keen to work with drivers who have a demonstrated track record in delivering superior driving services. For this purpose, Ola maintains rules and standards which are contained in Ola’s terms and conditions for drivers which are contained in your driver app as well as in guidelines and policies. 

These rules and guidelines include the following:

  • Ensuring up-to-date vehicle and driver licensing requirements
  • Complying with our customer service policy
  • Driving in an effective and timely manner
  • Refraining from abusive or discriminatory behaviour
  • Not attempting to interfere with our customers’ privacy or confidentiality
  • Complying with signage requirements and using your stickers
  • Ensuring your own safety and security, using our Safety Button in emergencies
  • Not having any non-paying passengers in your vehicle when driving for Ola
  • You are never to accept cash payments from passengers under any circumstances – all trips and payments are managed through the Ola app.
  • Not cancelling service requests as far as possible
  • Not smoking or using tobacco while driving for Ola
  • Using shortest route possible
  • Refraining from using mobile phones unless in emergency or stopping the vehicle prior to usage
  • Manipulating the driver app to earn more
  • Complying with Lost and Found Items obligations

Display and Carriage Requirements

  1. You are required to display or carry your current driver accreditation permit for providing public or commercial passenger services in your vehicle in a place that can be seen by your customer:
    1. South Australia – see Driver accreditation for large or small passenger vehicles
    2. Northern Territory – see Commercial Passengers Vehicle Information Bulletin
    3. Victoria – see Accredited Driver Responsibilities
    4. Queensland – see Booked Hire Service Licence
  2. You are also required to display a sign (sticker) indicating that you are providing public or commercial passenger services in a place that can be seen from the outside of your vehicle. For further details, see Ola Car Sticker Requirements.
  3. If you are a driver providing ride-sourcing services for Ola in Tasmania, you must also display a clear copy of Ola’s Accreditation Permit in a prominent location in your vehicle such as on your vehicle dashboard or the driver or front passenger headrest.