Driver Anti-Touting Policy


Drivers can only carry out booked passenger services – this means you must not ply, stand, queue or park for hire on roads, taxi zones, hotel foyers or other road-related areas. Bookings must be made before you stop the vehicle at the place where the passenger is to be picked up.

What is touting?

When drivers tout, drivers directly approach a person or groups of people to try and offer them a passenger service. This includes:

  • approaching potential passengers for fares
  • calling out to people, asking if they require transport
  • holding up signs or other printed or digital material offering passenger services.

Very simply, if drivers offer or take a trip outside of the Ola application with no booking, then drivers are touting. Drivers are prohibited from offering a passenger service without a prior booking.

Why is touting prohibited?

Touting is illegal and creates a safety risk for both passengers and drivers for the following reasons:

  • there is no record of the passenger service, nor can anyone be sure safety checks have been made on the driver or vehicle,
  • it is a form of harassment and it is unwanted behavior,
  • in high traffic areas, such as airports, train stations and thoroughfares, it can present unsafe situations for pedestrians and for drivers; and
  • It illegally undercuts Ola and drivers who are doing the right thing.

There are serious penalties for drivers who are found to be touting and soliciting. Ola has a zero tolerance policy for this behaviour and will refer drivers to the regulator for enforcement action.

Safety is a core value at Ola and it starts with our drivers doing the right thing.

Further information

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