Adelaide (ADL) Airport

Driver Guide to airport rides

Accept rides to and from Adelaide Airport.

Ride-Share Waiting Zone

The Ride-Share Waiting Zone at Adelaide Airport is located on the corner of Sir Hubert Wilkins Road and Frank Collopy Court. The entrance and exit will be via Sir Hubert Wilkins Road.

Proceed along Sir Hubert Wilkins Road to the pick-up bays shown in the driver app as soon as you receive a job request.

In order to access the designated rideshare pick up area of Adelaide airport,  you must have an access card.

Access Card

Apply for the access card here.

  • A $25 non-refundable fee is applicable to Adelaide airport for an access card
  • A monthly admin fee of $1.50 will be debited to the card by the airport on the first day of each calendar month
  • To complete pick-ups, the airport requires drivers to maintain a minimum card balance of $15 at all times

Airport Comfort

  • No toilet facilities available
  • Adelaide airport has toilet facilities which are accessible to Ola drivers at the Ground Transport Hub (layoff area)
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Airport Terms & Conditions

To receive ride requests, you must be registered and agree to the Adelaide Airport Terms & Conditions (Agreement)

Further Information

For more information about operating as a driver at Adelaide Airport, visit their Ground Transportation Hub.

Airport Fee

For each airport pick-up, there is an additional $3 airport fee which will be added to riders’ overall fare. This fee will be paid to the driver.

  1. You will keep your turn in the queue as long as you are in the designated holding area. If you go offline, leave the airport, or turn your phone off, you will lose your turn automatically.
  2. There are no toilet facilities. Drivers who temporarily leave the airport may lose their place in the virtual queue.
  3. Use of the designated holding area is free. No charges apply for parking at the ride-share holding area.

Airport Comfort and Queue