W.A DoT Update

The Department of Transport has shared updates affecting how you operate in the passenger transport industry.

To ensure you are up to date with all information from DoT, Ola suggests you subscribe through their website HERE

The key updates that you should be aware of are as follows:

NEW Passenger Transport Vehicle (PTV) authorisation commencing 2 July 2019

The next phase of the on-demand transport reform will begin on 2 July 2019. Existing leases, plates and licences will be automatically transitioned to a PTV authorisation at no cost, providing all fees owing to the Department of Transport (DoT) are paid.

The transition to PTV authorisations in July does not require existing licensed vehicles to change their plates.

The expiry date of the transitioned PTV authorisation depends on your current licence or plate type and the existing expiry date. After this date, it can be renewed for up to 12 months for approximately $115.

What you should do to be prepared:

  1. Have a DoTDirect account. You can confirm or update your details with DoT by calling 1300 660 147 or visiting their office at 20 Brown Street, East Perth
  2. Ensure all fees owing to DoT are paid
  3. Familiarise yourself with the changes HERE 
  4. Display your driver ID document in your vehicle when accepting trips with Ola. This document must contain your photograph (profile picture) and your first name.

For more information, read HERE 

Vehicle Stickers

Ola stickers are mandatory as of the 1st July 2019. Stickers must be displayed in the rear window of your registered vehicle.

To obtain an Ola sticker, please add your details to this form to register to have one sent to you.

Ola stickers must be used when your driver app is switched ON, you’re online and accepting rides. You can remove the sticker when you are not driving.

The stickers are reusable. Have the sticker displayed at all times when driving to make your Ola driving experience, an easy one.

Watch how to apply your Ola sticker HERE

** Note drivers will need to display a sticker in the front window to access Optus Stadium pick up as this is a requirement from Mainroads.

Charter Vehicle Licence (CVL)

Drivers with a CVL licence will be transitioned to a Passenger Transport Vehicle (PTV) authorisation on 2 July 2019. You will not need to do anything as this will happen automatically and will appear in your DoTDirect account. If you do not have an account, ensure you sign up for one immediately.

For more information, please review HERE

Camera Surveillance Unit Standards (CSU)

Passenger Transport Vehicles (PTVs) authorised in the On-demand Charter (charter vehicles) are not required to have CSUs, however operators may choose to install a CSU. If they do, then new rules apply including:

  • Recordings cannot be misused.
  • Recordings must be provided to WA Police, DoT and other agencies, when requested.
  • The vehicle must have a sign/sticker in it advising the passengers that they are being recorded (reference the above Standards for more info on this).

The forthcoming regulations will detail the CSU requirements in greater detail – these will be gazetted at the end of June and apply from 2 July.

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