QLD Compulsory Training

As of 1 August 2019, all drivers in QLD are required to have completed compulsory training in anti-discrimination awareness including sexual harassment, and disability awareness under section 97 of the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Regulation 2018. 

After this date, it will be an offence for drivers to drive a rideshare vehicle without having completed this training.  Penalties may apply.

Search your email for ‘Ola Training’ now for your unique invite link to complete your compulsory Ola training to maintain access to the Ola app from Thursday the 1st of August. 

As of Monday 15th July all QLD Ola drivers have been automatically enrolled in the Ola Training Academy where you will be able to complete this training, free of charge! You should receive an email from Ola Training inviting you to sign in and get started.* 

Completing the 2 training modules, Disability Awareness and Anti-Discrimination & Sexual Harassment, will ensure that you meet your obligations as a driver providing services through the Ola booking platform. It’s that easy! 

If you have already completed the training through Ola prior to 15th July, you will automatically be marked as completed and will not have to do this training again. 

FAQs: Ola QLD Compulsory Driver Training

Q1: What is the Ola Training Academy? 

A: Our new training platform, where you will be able to complete this training.

Q2: How do I enrol in the Ola Training Academy? 

A: An email will be sent to your original registered email address used at sign up with Ola where you can access from there. This cannot be shared with anyone else and is unique for you. 

Q3: What happens when I finish my training? Will there be more? 

A: Your account on the Ola Training Academy active for as long as you drive with Ola. You will find new and exciting training modules in the near future that will assist you in providing a safe and professional service. Stay tuned! 

Q4: I have applied for Ola but I haven’t finished the onboarding process yet? Do I still have to do the training? 

A: Yes. This is a compulsory component of your onboarding process. Completing it will assist your registration to drive. You should also receive an email inviting you to join the Ola Training Academy once you have completed the verification process.

Q5: I’ve completed my training with another booking entity (BEA), can’t I just send you the screenshots of that training?

A: No. Under the requirements in the QLD training notice, Ola is also required to be satisfied that the training you have received meets the legislative requirements set out by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. Ola also needs to be able to verify the competency standards of the driver.

The best way for us to do this is to ensure all of our drivers have completed training through the Ola Training Academy.

The training is free and we get great feedback from drivers who complete the training.

Q6: Why do I need to complete the training with you if I’ve done it already with someone else? 

A: As a contractor on multiple rideshare platforms, you need to ensure that you meet your obligations under the regulations for each BEA company that you drive for. Each BEA needs to keep records of your training. 

Ola wants to ensure you are compliant with the training notice and support your driver accreditation. If Ola can’t prove that you, as a driver on our platform, has sufficiently completed the training and Ola does not have the correct records on file for you, you could be fined up to a maximum $2611.

Q7: I’ve already completed the Ola training and I’d like the evidence to show another BEA that I’ve completed the training. Can you provide me with my training records? 

A: Yes! You can take your training record to another BEA that you may drive for to prove that you have completed the training. 

We will provide you with a complete training record that will be able to show that you are competent in the required training. This is, however, at the discretion of the other BEA whether they accept this or not, they still may require you to complete their own additional training. 

You can access this information through your training dashboard.

Q8: I paid for my Ola QLD Essential training before 15th July, what happens now? 

A: We have records of those drivers that have already completed and paid for this training. We will be in contact with you to arrange the next steps.

*If you have not received this email, please check your spam inbox before contacting us.

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