Rider behaviour guidelines

It is important to ensure that your behaviour is conducive to a safe and respectful environment that is free from harassment, abuse, violence or damage. The below rider behaviour guidelines will help ensure you are doing your part to maintain the safety of both yourself and our drivers:


  • Be respectful and courteous towards the driver.
  • Ensure that your seatbelt is fastened.
  • Ensure that you are complying with all local COVID requirements.
  • Engage the driver in friendly, neutral conversations if they are happy to talk. Please also remember that drivers need to focus on the road and may not be able to talk.
  • Handle your own luggage and belongings.


  • Swear, be offensive or rude towards the driver.
  • Ask the driver any personal questions. For example: if they are single or married, have children, where they live or work etc.
  • Consume any food or drink in the vehicle.
  • Leave any mess or belongings behind.
  • Damage the driver’s vehicle.
  • Make comments about the driver’s appearance or race.
  • Make any physical contact with the driver.
  • Engage in any inappropriate conversations, especially of a sexual nature. If the driver is engaging you in this manner or making advances, please use the SOS button immediately and contact Ola support or local authorities.
  • Tell the driver how to drive or where to go. The driver follows the quickest route calculated by the Ola app.
  • Request the driver to take you to another location without first updating the Ola application with the additional location.
  • Vomit in the vehicle. If you feel sick, politely request the driver to stop somewhere safe so that you can vomit outside.
  • Open the door until the trip is completed.
  • Offer cash payments or electronic money transfers to the driver for additional services outside of the Ola application – all trips and payments are managed through the Ola app for your safety.