Ola Pro Program Policy


Ola ANZ remains committed to maintaining the health and safety of our Drivers and Riders to minimise the risk of contracting coronavirus (COVID-19), while delivering rides services. 


The purpose of this policy is to introduce the Ola Pro Program in collaboration with RideCare (also referred to as RideLender Pty Ltd), to trial an innovative service to Riders, centred around delivering the highest standard in Driver hygiene and professionally sanitised, vehicle cleaning.


The pilot program is scheduled to commence on the launch date of  29 April 2020 for a period of eight (8) weeks. 



In addition to existing services, the Ola Pro Program aims to provide a safe and quality ride service through the introduction of additional, preventative measures, to further reduce the risk of community transmission associated with COVID-19. 


The pilot will be restricted to a select number of highly rated Drivers invited to participate through an Expression of Interest. The participants selected will focus on delivering the Ola Pro Program to our Riders.


The Ola Pro Program is the fourth category in ways to ride with Ola ANZ which currently includes:


  1. Prime Sedan – consisting of up to 4 people
  2. Prime SUV – consisting of up to 6 people
  3. Premium Sydney – consisting of Luxury vehicles and highly rated Drivers.


The Ola Pro Program is additional to the Prime sedan category only and will not operate in conjunction with the Ola Prime SUV and Ola Premium ride services. Therefore, when a Driver is participating in the Ola Pro Program, the Prime and Premium categories are temporarily suspended from the Driver’s account until the expiration of the Driver’s participation.


However, social distancing restrictions apply in all States and Territories, which may mean there are limits to how many Riders can take a trip at any one time. Riders should be limited to a maximum of three (3) Riders, unless a lower number is stipulated by State or Territory regulations – in which case Riders are restricted to regulated levels.

Application of Policy 

This policy applies to:

  1. Ola Drivers within Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (collectively referred to as ‘Ola Pro Drivers’) selected to participate in the Ola Pro Program. The Ola Pro Drivers must continue to meet the terms of registration to be an Ola Driver and comply with the Driver Agreement.
  2. Any interaction or locations where Ola Pro Drivers may interact with a Rider.
  3. All Ola Pro Driver’s obligations to maintain contactless interactions with the Rider utilising the government directed practices including: self-isolation; social distancing; hand washing and appropriate hygiene practices; maintaining cough and sneeze etiquette, by sneezing into an elbow or tissue (to be safely discarded at the end of the trip) and coughing in the direction away from the Rider.


Ola ANZ will utilise their discretion in selecting the participants who satisfy the applicable criteria, to participate in the Ola Pro Program.

Ola Pro Driver criteria 

Subject to the requirements of the Driver Agreement, the Ola Pro Program terms and conditions and applicable policies, the Ola Pro Driver is to comply with the following program criteria:

  1. Expressly opting into the Ola Pro Program by using the Opt-In Link to accept the offer to participate.
  2. Comply with the Preliminary Requirements set out in clause 6 of the terms and conditions, specifically as to fitting of the transparent hygiene screen into the Ola Pro Driver’s vehicle and to collect the driver hygiene pack.
  3. Comply with the Weekly Requirements set out in clause 7 of the terms and conditions, specifically as to the scheduled vehicle sanitisation service, restocking of the driver hygiene pack and Driver temperature checks.
  4. Comply with the Health and Safety Requirements set out in clause 8 of the terms and conditions, specifically as to daily hygiene and vehicle sanitisation practices, ensuring the transparent hygiene screen is undamaged and the driver hygiene packs are sufficiently stocked. 
  5. The Ola Pro Driver is to continue to comply with the Australian Federal and relevant State and Territory governments’ department of health guidelines on a daily basis, in addition to the Health and Safety Requirements set out in clause 8 as to social distancing, vehicle sanitisation and for the Driver to present themselves to a medical practitioner if exhibiting any COVID-19 related symptoms.
  6. Comply with the Minimum Threshold set out in clause 9 of the terms and conditions, specifically Ola Pro Drivers:
    1. Must log on the Ola app for fifty (50) hours over a one (1) week period commencing on a Monday and ending on a Sunday.
    2. Have a Driver Completion Rate of at least 75% for the duration of the participation in the Ola Pro Program.


Downgrading from the Ola Pro Program

An Ola Pro Driver may be removed from the Ola Pro Program if:

    1. The Ola Pro Driver fails to reschedule any missed vehicle cleaning appointments within a twenty four (24) hour period, the Driver will be temporarily downgraded.
    2. The Ola Pro Driver fails to attend a total of three (3) vehicle cleaning appointments, the Driver will be permanently removed from the Ola Pro Program.
    3. The Ola Pro Driver fails to comply with the Ola Pro Program terms and conditions, the Driver will be permanently removed from the Ola Pro Program.


Current hygiene and disinfectant practices 

Existing requirements as to hygiene and vehicle sanitisation practices are still required of all Ola Pro Drivers. This includes current requirements for the Rider to be seated in the rear passenger seat, the vehicle’s windows to be wound down (weather permitting), the air conditioner/heating setting set to ‘airflow’ and cough and sneeze etiquette to be complied with by both the Rider and Driver. 


All Ola Pro Drivers are to sanitise high touch points in the vehicle using the items provided in the driver hygiene pack (the gloves and bacterial wipes) to wipe down door handles (interior, exterior and boot), seatbelts, seat belt buckles, visors, grab handles, window controls, hand rests, cup holders, centre console, dashboard, gear stick and steering wheel.


Ola Pro Program  

In addition to the high standards expected of our Ola Drivers, the Ola Pro Program introduces the following services to Riders:

  • Ola Pro Drivers will be required to attend a scheduled service appointment at the Ola Cleaning Centre (RideCare premises at 37 Rosedale Street Greenacre, NSW 2190) to:
    • Have their vehicle fitted with a transparent hygiene screen (on one occasion);
    • On a weekly basis:
      1.  To receive their driver hygiene pack containing:
        • one (1) mask per day
        • one (1) bacterial wipe (where available) 
        • one (1) pair of disposable gloves to wipe down high touch areas
        • one (1) bottle of hand sanitiser each week.
      2. To have their temperature checked by an authorised RideLender employee using a portable distant reading thermometer.
      3. To have their vehicle professionally sanitised with focus on disinfecting high touch points.


Driver Hygiene Training 

    • All Ola Pro Drivers opting into the Ola Pro Program will be required to complete an online Driver Hygiene Training Course as directed by Ola, within one (1) week of the commencement of the Ola Pro Program.
    • The Driver Hygiene Training will include ‘sanitised wipe down’ guidelines for all Ola Pro Drivers to follow.


Ola ANZ’s obligations

Ola ANZ is responsible for inviting the Drivers selected to participate in the pilot, ensuring the Driver completes the necessary documentation, acknowledging their acceptance of the terms and conditions and updated Driver Agreements.


Ola ANZ is also responsible for ensuring participants in the trial abide by existing policies including promptly responding to a report from RideLender where the Driver’s temperature records a fever (in accordance with the manufacturer’s product specifications) and any complaints associated with the Ola Pro service.


Driver’s daily obligations

The Ola Pro Driver is not to drive if they are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, even if mild in nature. Drivers must also comply with self-isolation and social distancing regulations. 


Additionally, the Ola Pro Driver is obligated to ensure that the driver hygiene pack remains stocked until the scheduled weekly service and maintain daily hygiene and vehicle disinfectant practices in accordance with the Driver Customer Service Policies


In particular, at the end of each shift, the Ola Pro Driver is to wipe the high touch areas using the bacterial wipes provided and is also encouraged to spray the interior of the vehicle with a disinfectant spray such as Glen 20 or similar disinfectant. 


While not directed to do so, the Ola Pro Driver may opt to wear a mask during the course of the trips provided.


RideLender’s obligations 

RideLender will be responsible for the initial fitout of the transparent hygiene screen, providing the Ola Pro Driver with the driver hygiene packs and checking the Driver’s temperature.


Where a Driver’s temperature registers a reading indicative of a fever, an authorised personnel from RideLender will advise  Ola ANZ of the Ola Pro Driver’s temperature reading. 


The Driver’s vehicle will also be professionally sanitised at the weekly appointments which will include sanitisation of the high touch areas and the transparent hygiene screen.  


RideLender may be required to replenish depleted stock of the driver hygiene packs, subject to availability of stock and to schedule the weekly vehicle sanitisation services directly with the Driver.


Recording high temperatures

Where a report is received from RideLender reporting of an Ola Pro Driver’s temperature indicative of a fever, Ola ANZ will off-road the Driver from all Ola platforms, until the Driver receives a medical clearance from a medical practitioner. 


The requirement accords with the government’s requirements to self isolate for fourteen (14) days after presenting symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Driver Incentive 

The Ola Pro Driver’s participation in the Ola Pro Program will lead to:

  • The Ola Pro Driver’s vehicle is fitted with a transparent hygiene screen free of charge of which the Ola Pro Driver can retain after the pilot is completed.
  • The Ola Pro Driver’s vehicle will be professionally sanitised at the weekly service appointments free of charge.
  • The Ola Pro Driver to receive a driver hygiene pack and resupply of sanitisation products as and when they become available, to assist in maintaining the health and safety of themselves and the Riders.
  • Ola Pro Driver’s ability to offer exceptional customer service to the Rider by offering the unique safety feature of a transparent hygiene screen.
  • The Ola Pro Driver is able to  provide a ride service focused on superior sanitisation and hygiene practices.

Related Policies 

The NSW Point to Point Commission released a video tutorial for ride share services, to educate Drivers on personal hygiene and vehicle disinfectant practices – please see P2P Tutorial – hygiene and vehicle disinfectant.


Please also see related policies: 

Information for Public Transport – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Further information 

If you have any questions or comments regarding anything in this document or if you require further information, you can email us at legal.au@olacabs.com.