Using the Heat Map feature

Use Heat Map for more rides

The HEAT MAP feature in your Ola Driver app will help you move towards busy areas and earn MORE!

This feature makes it easier for you to find the peak zones in your City at any given time, so you can plan your route accordingly.

It is updated in real time and a GREAT indicator of regions where customers are needing rides!

WATCH how heat map works.


How it works

  1. The heat map multiplier depends on the customers booking location. A driver may arrive at a demand zones but that does not assure that all bookings will have a peak attached.
  2. The heat map should be referred to as a representation of peak locations. Drivers should be aware that this changes in real time based on demand.*
  3. If a booking is confirmed by a customer from a peak zone, a peak price will be applicable.**
  4. The peak shown on the booking screen in your driver app, is the final applicable peak which will be applied to your completed ride.

* Heat map does not guarantee rides or additional earnings. It is a real time tool based on demand at any given time; ** As peak locations vary based on customer demand, peak zones vary regularly and may not be true at all times.

How to use Heat Map in ‘3’ easy steps

Step 1:

On your idle screen, different areas in the City will be marked with different colours. Click on the arrow button at the top left hand side of your screen.

Step 2:

A bar with different colours will appear, representing a peak zone and its value.

Step 3:

Zoom in on the map to see the areas with high peak.

Note: map in image is for example purposes only