Ola Premium Policy


The purpose of this policy is to outline the requirements for drivers who wish to have their driver app classified under the ‘Premium’ category. 


Any registered Ola driver (new or existing) can be enrolled in the Premium category as long as they meet the following criteria: 

Vehicle Criteria:

  • Vehicle must be 5 years old or newer as of January of each year. For example: 
    • Vehicle must be year model 2014 or newer as of January 2019.
    • Vehicle must be year model 2015 or newer as of January 2020, and so on. 
  • Vehicle must be one of the models listed here

Driver Criteria

In addition to the Ola onboarding criteria for each state, territory or country, if the driver has met the vehicle criteria as mentioned above, there will be additional requirements that the driver will have to also meet to be enrolled in this category. 

Drivers will be monitored for ongoing customer service metrics whilst offering this category in the Ola Driver App. 

In general, the expectation of drivers in this category is to: 


If these standards fall below the accepted levels as stated above, the driver will not be able to continue to offer a premium service through their Ola driver app.

Warnings and demotion of category

If these standards fall below the accepted criteria, depending on the severity of the issue, the driver will either be given a warning or removed from the premium category.

Drivers performance will be reviewed weekly (Monday – Sunday) and actions are taken on a fortnightly cadence. 

Further information

If you have any questions or comments regarding anything in this document or if you require further information, you can email us at legal.au@olacabs.com.