Driver Counselling Services and Driver Insurance

Confidential Counselling Service

Ola is committed to being a great brand to work with.

To best empower you to be your own boss and work with flexibility, we are happy to provide support for drivers to create a positive experience, wellbeing and safety.

Ola offers counselling support for drivers to ensure access is available to confidential and professional services, should something happen while driving on the Ola platform.

This service is accessible through Ola’s partnership agreement with Converge, at no cost to drivers and with no hidden fees.

This is our commitment to you.

Support services for you

In the unlikely event that an incident occurs while driving on the Ola platform, drivers may be eligible to receive professional and confidential counselling services.

Ola will offer up to 3 sessions at a counselling centre in each city we operate in.

Please call our partner care line with your issue and they will take down your details and arrange a call from Converge.

The provision of these services are assessed based on best managing and supporting you.

Your safety is our concern 24/7 and our commitment to delivering this confidential service through our partnership with Converge, is quality assured with procedures in place to ensure your security at all times.

Personal accident insurance for drivers

At Ola, driver and rider safety is our utmost priority. We are constantly reviewing protocols and processes as we remain committed to improving our services.

While our focus is on safety as a core value, all Ola drivers are encouraged to take out a personal accident insurance cover. Personal accident insurance covers you if you are unable to work after an accident. This means that you are financially supported while you are recovering at home.

Drivers may choose to obtain their own personal accident insurance according to what works best for them and their circumstances. We advise drivers to carefully assess their options and recommend drivers to consult a broker or financial planner to help do so.

For more information on personal accident insurance, you can check out some articles on such insurance here and here.