Ola Incentives & Driver Rewards

Ola Drivers can access rewards & incentives in the driver app!

This new feature houses all the incentives AND rewards you are eligible for, some that are EXCLUSIVE to YOU!

rewards screens

The Rewards feature is located at the bottom of your driver app screen.

  1. Click REWARDS  – a new page will open, outlining incentives that are valid for YOU!
  2. Click SCHEME HISTORY  – this will provide a summary of all rewards earned to date

Ola drivers should check the Rewards feature regularly, to help plan your day and MAXIMISE your earnings!

HEAT MAP will help you move towards busy areas and earn MORE! Use this feature to BOOST your acceptance and opportunity to earn more in high demand areas.

This feature makes it easier for you to find the peak zones in your City at any given time, so you can plan your route accordingly. It is updated in real time, so it’s a GREAT indicator of regions where customers are needing rides!

The heat map should be referred to as a representation of peak locations. Drivers should be aware that this changes in real time based on demand.*

PLUS, if peak is applicable in an area on a booking you have accepted, it will be shown on the booking acceptance screen.

All incentives, rewards & driver only offers will appear in your Ola driver app. It’s your ONE STOP SHOP supporting your driver experience.

* Heat map does not guarantee rides or additional earnings. It is a real time tool based on demand at any given time.
** As peak locations vary based on customer demand, peak zones vary regularly and may not be true at all times.