Ola Australia Driver Earnings And Payments

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Ola extends incentive and reward schemes to drivers from time to time. This provides the opportunity to increase the earning potential with Ola for a specified period.

Incentive and reward schemes include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer Peak
  • Booking based offers
  • Referral offers
  • Promotions and Campaigns

Driver payments

Your payment for each day of driving with Ola,  is paid on the following day as a direct deposit into your nominated bank account.

You can expect to receive your incentive reward payments, within 5 working days after the incentive period has concluded. You can view your incentive reward earnings in your driver app under the Rewards feature.

Note: Incentive payments will not be processed on a weekend (Saturday / Sunday). Weekend incentive rewards will be paid by the immediate Friday following that weekend.

Drivers should expect a delay in payments when Public or Bank Holidays occur in their City. This will typically occur on the following business day.

Payment of expenses

On occasion, Ola may pay for costs on your behalf to fast-track your on-boarding process for:

1. PI – Vehicle Inspection Cost (physical inspection); or

2. BGV – Background Verification (NSW only); or

3. Both PI & BGV.

Ola supports you in making such deductions as per the driver sign up terms & conditions :

(c) where we may charge you a background verification or vehicle inspection fee as incurred by us and will communicate it to you from time to time.

This deduction will appear in the driver earnings tab of your Ola driver app.

Excluding costs paid for by Ola on your behalf, there are no payments required to be made by the driver to Ola Australia.

Ola Australia raises two invoices only:

1. Ola facilitating the invoice from driver to the customer for the passenger transportation service.

2. Ola Australia’s invoice to the customer for convenience fee (this includes CTP and passenger levy)

Ola directly collects its fee from the customer. There is no receipt by the driver in the current scenario.

The total income that is reported by the driver is his gross income.

Driver Cancellations

Ola suggests that a driver does not cancel accepted rides often.

The ride cancellation option is given only to handle unavoidable situations like a personal emergency (or) vehicle breakdown.

Where you need to cancel a ride, we recommend the following actions:

1. Once you reach your pick up location, wait 5 (five) minutes for the rider

2. If the rider does not appear, call them to inform your arrival at their nominated location

3. If the rider is non-responsive, you can cancel the ride*

4. Where a driver frequently cancels rides, the driver account may be blocked

* Pending review of the circumstance, a cancellation fee of $10 will be charged to the customer and provided to the driver.

Refer and Earn program

Ola drivers are eligible for referral rewards from time to time. Refer and Earn programs provide the opportunity to increase your earning potential with Ola, simply by referring a new driver or customer to Ola.

Driver to Customer referral program

Earn bonus cash payments and ride credits to your Ola customer account with each new customer you refer to Ola.

  • retrieve your unique referral code from your Ola customer app.
  • share your referral code – this is a unique code assigned to only you
  • find your unique customer code under the ‘Share your referral code’ category
  • share your code with your OWN friends & family, OR other rideshare customers that want a great offer from you!
  • once the customer downloads the Ola app and uses YOUR referral code, THEY receive a ride credit PLUS, YOU receive a ride credit in your own Ola customer account AND a cash bonus in your Ola driver account!

Incentive and Reward program

Ola drivers are eligible for a variety of incentive and reward programs from time to time. These provide an opportunity for drivers to earn extra income on top of their standard fare.


The Rewards feature in your Ola driver app houses all incentive ‘rewards’ you are eligible for.

Check the Rewards feature –  located at the bottom of your driver app screen- regularly, to review the incentives that are valid for you and track your Rewards earned.

Peak pricing

During rush hours, fares might increase and fares will be higher than normal to ensure those who need a ride can get one.

As an Ola driver, peak pricing means higher fares and a steady stream of ride requests. Please note that:

  • Whenever rates are raised due to peak pricing, Ola will inform customers in the customer app – visible by a small arrow next to the vehicle category
  • The peak pricing shown on the map is the minimum peak ratio to customer fare that drivers will be eligible for in the specified area. Any customer booking which has a higher peak than shown on the map will also automatically be passed on to the driver


Tax Summary

All active drivers receive from Ola a monthly tax summary to their registered email address.

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that their email address information is up to date so that they can receive these promptly. If you have not received your tax summary by the 15th of the following month please check your spam/junk folder.

It is highly advised to save these tax summaries for future reference.

If you did not receive your tax summary or have lost a past one, please contact our support team.

If you require a tax statement for a specific ride please contact us and provide the ride CRN number: