HELP OLA! I left an item in your car

Help your customer retrieve their lost item.

If a rider ever leaves an item in your car during their ride, they can now, easily contact you to retrieve their item with ease from the Ola app.

In the Ola customer app, they simply:

1. Tap the menu button on the main screen
2. Tap ‘Your Rides’ and select the ride where they left their item – this will show their ride with you
3. Tap ‘Support’ and select ‘I left a belonging in my ride’
4. Select ‘call me’ – the rider will be connected with you, so you can organise a time and place to meet so they can retrieve their item

All details remain private. It is simply Ola providing the ‘connect’ between you and your rider.

Helping out your rider, is a nice way to show fantastic customer service, hospitality and create loyalty.