Wellington (WLG) Airport

Driver Guide to airport rides

Accept rides to and from Wellington Airport.

Ride-Share Waiting Zone

There is currently no designated area for drivers to wait to receive pick-up requests. It is recommended that you find a safe and appropriate public area near the airport to wait for pick-up requests.

The Pick Up zone for OLA at Wellington Airport will be changing from August 12th.

Continue along Stewart Duff Drive and past the Golf Club entry.

Before the Golf Club exit and before the end of the top-deck structure, use the App-Based Pick Up entry point on the right hand side to turn in under the top-deck to the new area.

The Pick Up Zone is one-way so please observe all traffic markings and give way signals when exiting back into the main traffic flow.


Airport Terms & Conditions

Before you start to receive any trip request from the airport, you must review and comply with the Wellington airport terms & conditions for rideshare driver access HERE.

Drivers who fail to comply will be banned from conducting airport pick-ups. Wellington airport enforces a zero tolerance policy in this regard.

  1. Proceed to the designated Wellington airport pick-up area. The driver app will assist you. This is the only area you are able to pick up riders.
  2. Once your rider arrives, you can start the trip and make your way towards the rider's destination.

    To exit the airport, proceed out onto Stewart Duff Drive and follow the road around the car park building.

    Remain in the right hand lane to exit via the public pick-up lane on Level 0.
  3. To operate at the airport, Wellington airport requires you to comply with its rules and procedures. Failure to do so, may result in driver banning.

Sequence for Airport pick‑up


Airport Fee

A $3.00 airport fee applies to airport pick up and drop off. This is a fee Wellington Airport requires from small passenger services providing pick-ups and drop-offs.

These fees will be added to the riders’ overall fare and automatically collected by Ola. You will not be required to pay anything to the Airport directly.

Ola will manage the reimbursement of these fees with the Airport on your behalf.

  1. You will lose your place in the queue if you reject a request, end or cancel a trip or go offline.
  2. If the rider cancels, you will not lose your place in the queue.
  3. There are designated toilet facilities for driver use.
  4. No charges apply for parking in the public areas whilst waiting for airport rides.

Airport Comfort and Queue