Christchurch Airport Pickup Area

Driver Guide to airport rides


Ride-Share Waiting Zone

The designated waiting area is located at the rear of the Orchard Road car park. Here, you can wait for free, for up to 30 minutes. If you drive out of the waiting area you will remain in the airport virtual queue, however you won’t receive a trip request until you return to the Orchard Road Car Park.

You must pick up customers in the Rideshare Zone off to the left of The Loop. The car parks on the left-hand side are left available for rideshare drivers waiting to collect passengers.

You can drop-off riders in the Rideshare Zone or The Loop public drop-off and pick-up lanes.


Airport Terms & Conditions

Rideshare customers are charged a fee by Christchurch Airport for being dropped off and picked up on the airport grounds. The fee is $5.50 for both drop-offs and pick-ups within the airport grounds.

Pick up and drop off fees are paid by customers directly to Ola, and then reimbursed to Christchurch Airport.

The Christchurch Airport requires you to familiarise yourself with its terms and conditions. Drivers who fail to comply with the T&Cs will be banned from conducting airport pick-ups and Christchurch airport enforces a zero-tolerance policy in this regard.

The terms outline the minimum standards of behaviour expected of you when using an airport’s pick up facilities, how you can accept pick-up requests, how drop-offs can be carried out, vehicle restrictions and other matters. You can access and review the Christchurch Airport terms & conditions here.

  1. If you have registered with Christchurch Airport you can drop-off riders in The Loop public drop-off and pick-up lane area under the Express Park (car park building)
  2. Airport 'drop off fees' are automatically added to the customer fare. Drivers will not be required to pay anything directly to the Airport. This will be managed by Ola.

Sequence for Airport drop‑off

  1. Registered drivers will be placed in the virtual queue as soon as you enter the designated holding area. The job requests will be assigned to you based on your turn in the queue. Your queue number will appear in your app. You must be in the holding area to be eligible to accept rides.
  2. Proceed towards the airport along Durey Road to the designated Rideshare pick-up zone. This is located behind the purple Express Park (car parking building) at the airport. In order to do so, the driver app will assist you. Please note that this is the only area you are able to pick up riders. It’s a good idea to contact your rider to confirm that you are on the way and ensure they are at the correct pickup location.
  3. Once your rider arrives, you can start the trip and make your way towards the rider's destination. Exit the airport via Durey Road and make a left turn onto Perimeter Road.
  4. To operate at the airport, Christchurch Airport requires you to comply with its rules and procedures. You’ll need to familiarise yourself with them. Failure to do so could result in you no longer being able to conduct pick-ups or drop-offs at the airport.

Sequence for Airport pick‑up


Airport Fee

A $5.50 airport fee applies to airport pick up and drop off. This is a fee Christchurch Airport requires from small passenger services providing pick-ups and drop-offs.

These fees will be added to the riders’ overall fare and automatically collected by Ola. You will not be required to pay anything to the Airport directly.

Ola will manage the reimbursement of these fees with the Airport on your behalf.

  1. You will lose your place in the queue if you reject a request, end or cancel a trip or go offline.
  2. If the rider cancels, you will not lose your place in the queue.

Airport Comfort and Queue