Sydney Light Rail Testing


Light Rail ‘day time’ testing will be underway from 19  – 31 August 2019. 

Night testing has started in the CBD, in addition to testing in the Kensington and Kingsford areas.

Cars should not queue across tram lines at any time in any area of the Sydney CBD. All drivers should show extreme caution in these areas. 

Police and enforcement officers are monitoring the areas in the CBD. Penalties apply if safety and rules are not adhered to. This includes a $268 fine and 1 demerit point

Refer to road rule 155A here

Safety Tips for Drivers

  1. Vehicles are not permitted to drive along the tram tracks
  2. Don’t queue across intersections
  3. Be aware that road conditions have changed
  4. Follow traffic signals and never turn in front of a tram
  5. Don’t stop or park within the tram lane (even when you can’t see a tram)


Areas you need to be aware of with changes due to testing:

Hilton Hotel

  • There is a turning bay onto George street that does require cars to drive on the tracks. Drivers are asked to proceed with caution in this area. Cars should not queue across the tracks at any time. 


  • Section on King street on the right-hand side before turning into George street. Cars shouldn’t be using this area as a drop off zone. 
  • Avoid driving on the tram tracks late at night particularly around The Ivy and The Establishment. Riders should be directed to the Pitt St or Bridge St side of those venues when requesting a pick-up.
  • At NO point should a car be driving down George Street between Hunter Street and King street, and then from Park Street to Bathurst Street. 

 TransportNSW will be testing the full timetable in November 2019 and the Light Rail will be in full use from early December. Trams will be running every 4 minutes. 

Read more here:  

Display your Ola sticker

If you are driving with Ola, please be aware of your responsibility to display an Ola sticker when you are accepting rides.

If you need an Ola sticker, you can:

  1. Register HERE to have one mailed to you
  2. Drop by the Ola ‘Driver Meet-up’ in your City and pick one up. Check the Ola Driver’s Australia FACEBOOK page for locations

The Ola team have the relevant car stickers available for you.

You can request or collect additional stickers, for another registered car OR as a spare.

Ola stickers can be removed when you are not driving and replaced when your driver app is switched ON, you’re online and accepting rides. They are a durable, re-usable plastic, purpose made to make your Ola driving experience, an easy one.


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