Introducing Ola Premium

You asked for it, so we’re making it happen, we are launching our Ola Premium category this November 2019.

Ola Premium Vehicles:

  • Are 5 years old or newer as of January of each year. For example:
    • Vehicle must be year model 2014 or newer as of January 2019.
    • Vehicle must be year model 2015 or newer as of January 2020, and so on.
  • Are one of the cars mentioned here

For drivers to be eligible for Ola Premium, they must:

  • Maintain a rating of 4.6 or more, which is based on the previous 14 days driving history.
  • Overall cancellations to be less than 10%: 
    • Cancellations are based on Driver related cancellations (DRC) and Customer related cancellations (CRC) where the driver denied duty (DDD).
  • Not have any safety, fraud or fatigue issues in the last 3 months.
    • Safety: this includes any Hyper Critical, Super Critical or Critical SRT cases.
    • Fraud: issues reported in any internal Ola reports in regards to fraudulent activities by the driver. 
    • Fatigue: must not have been offroaded for any fatigue-related issues reported through PC or CC, or through Ola’s internal reporting. 
  • In addition, drivers are expected to comply with the driver guidelines on the Ola website including the Premium Driver Policy.

If these standards fall below the accepted levels as stated above, the driver will not be able to continue to offer a premium service through their Ola driver app.

Launch Offer:

  • Eligible Premium drivers will receive a low service fee of 19% with an introductory rate of just 10%. 9% paid as rebate on a weekly basis. No more than one premium ride cancellation is permitted per week to qualify.
  • Existing Rewards and Incentives only apply to Prime Sedan bookings.
  • Refer a driver to Ola Premium and earn $50 each when they complete 20 rides in their first 30 days.

Premium Rate Card (inclusive of 10% GST):

  • Earn 1.7x more than Prime Sedan with our Premium rate card.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Sydney drivers participating in the Premium category are eligible, subject to the terms and conditions of this offer, to receive a 9% rebate on the standard Premium category commission (currently 19%) during the offer period.
  2. The offer period commences on 00:00 AEST on 26 November 2019 and ends on 23:59 on 31 December 2019.
  3. This offer applies to Premium category rides only. Commissions on any non-Premium category rides are not affected by this offer.
  4. The driver must not have more than 1 Premium category ride cancellation in any rolling 7 days period, in order to be eligible for this offer in any such rolling 7 days period.
  5. Any driver who has more than 1 Premium category ride cancellation in any rolling 7 days period will not be eligible for this offer in that 7 days period and the standard Premium category commission of 19% will be charged on all Premium rides in that 7 days period.
  6. Rebates will be paid directly to the driver account on a weekly basis and within 7 days of the end of the relevant week or 7 day period.
  7. The offer excludes and does not apply to tolls, airport fees and any other third party charges, howsoever described.
  8. The offer is only available to drivers in Sydney who participate in the Premium category.
  9. The offer cannot be taken, used or combined with any other offer, discount, prize or promotion. For the avoidance of doubt, no other driver offer, reward, promotion or incentive, however described, applies on Premium category rides.
  10. The offer is not transferable or redeemable.
  11. Ola driver agreement and standard terms and conditions apply.

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