City 2 Surf

Get ready for the 49th  Annual City 2 Surf!

Sunday 11th August 2019

Be prepared for riders travelling to and from the Sydney CBD and Bondi beach.

There will be road closures and special event clearways between the Sydney CBD and Bondi Beach on Sunday 11th August for the 14km City 2 Surf run.

Up to 82,000 runners will participate, including elite wheelchair athletes.

The event commences at 7.50am sharp.

Pick-up & Drop-off zones

It is important to manage pick-ups & drop-offs in the designated areas only for the duration of the event. This ensures both your safety & risk, as well as that of your rider.

Ola have created hot spots for riders to make it easier to meet you & start their ride.

It is important to ensure you do not park, stop or stand in bus & taxi zones to avoid receiving a fine

Picking up your Rider

City 2 Surf will be a busy time for riders & drivers. You can ensure your rider finds you by:

  1. Ensure you are driving your registered Ola vehicle so that the rider can find you via your car registration. If you need to change the car you will be driving, you can do this in your Ola driver app. Click HERE to learn how.

Road Closures

Road closures in Bondi will commence from 3.30am. All major streets & roads on the City 2 Surf route, will be closed from 6am up to 4pm.

Please be advised that some streets are only open to local traffic.

 To view the City2Surf road closures map click HERE

To receive real-time traffic conditions, visit the NSW “live” traffic link HERE.

If you’re taking the day off & running the 14km to Bondi Beach- Good luck and ENJOY!

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